Frequently asked questions

From users

How to find my photos?
Once you have located the event in which you participated, you can use our advanced filtering system to locate your best photos. Click on the “Filter” button that appears in the upper right of the screen, which will allow you to perform the best filtering for your career.

What are the steps to complete the purchase of my photos?
1. Identify the photographs in which you appear using the filters and add them to the cart.
2. Choose one of our packs.
3. Enter a promotional code, if you have one.
4. Enter your details and payment method totally secure.
5. Download your photographs in high quality from the section of your account "My downloads".

Can I use these photos for advertising purposes?
No, for now the photos appear on the platform, they are not licensed to be exploited for advertising purposes, so any use other than personal is totally prohibited.

How does our Packs offer work?
Pack offers allow you to take several photos with cheaper prices. If you have more than one photo, take them all in pack and save.

What happens if I put my bib number and can not find myself?
Look in the uncategorized photos that appear below and if you do not leave, we are very sorry and next time you will smile at the camera.

From photographers

How long does it take to receive money from the photos sold?
Money accumulates in a digital wallet of You can request a settlement whenever you want. Depending on the bank it may take 1 to 3 business days.

Who puts the price of packs and photographs?
The price is set by the photographer. However we have a lot of experience and we will always recommend the best prices. To know the best price you have to take into account the type of event, participants, registration price and other things. Don't worry, we will help you!

Can I upload photographs of an event that has not organized? is a tool for selling and managing photos online. He is thinking so that the photographers themselves can manage the sales themselves. However, always looks for new opportunities for photographers by closing agreements with event organizers.

What percentage does keep of the photos sold? makes available to photographers and participants all its photography platform and infrastructure and only keeps 20% of the value of the photographs sold.

Do I have to be autonomous to work with
Each case in particular is different and it is better to consult with your manager.

How do image rights work on
Any photo that is uploaded to a public website you have to have the person's consent. In an event, the image rights are held by the organization. Before going to an event you have to make sure that the organization gives us the image rights of its participants.